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Mark Simone: Greg Gutfeld’s Show Works Because It’s Simple

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld has dubbed himself the King of Late Night. 710 WOR host Mark Simone agrees, and thinks there’s a specific reason why Gutfeld! has grown in popularity.

During a conversation with Fox News Radio host Jimmy Failla, Simone shared his belief that Gutfeld has become a major player due to the simplicity of his show, rather than the stunts pulled by other late-night programs on network TV.

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“(Jimmy Fallon’s) got ping pong and a water slide in the studio. They’ve got all these stunts. With you guys on Gutfeld!, it’s just four guys in a room,” said Mark Simone. “That’s all you need, and you have a great show.”

“When you’ve got funny people, you’ve got a lot that can be done,” Failla agreed.

Failla added that another reason Gutfeld! is successful is because the program doesn’t take itself too seriously.

“You think about Gutfeld right now. I guest host his show a lot. And normally when you’re filling in for the biggest late night show in the country, you have big shoes to fill. But in Gutfeld’s case they’re like a size three,” Failla joked, “and we can laugh about it. We don’t take ourselves seriously. And it works. Because you’re getting what late night is supposed to be, which is an outlet at the end of the day to unplug from the seriousness of the news and just laugh about the world. They’re not letting you do that on the other shows.”

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