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Pat McAfee, Rece Davis to Host NFL RedZone-Style College Football Broadcast Saturday

Pat McAfee has tried his hand a alternate broadcasts. He’ll sample a new format this weekend alongside Rece Davis.

The ESPN duo will host an NFL RedZone-style broadcast of college football Saturday evening, McAfee revealed Wednesday.

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“Rece Davis will be with us here in the Thunderdome for our next MegaCast simulcast on Saturday night. That’ll be a take on RedZone, the college football frenzy, college football primetime,” McAfee explained.

“Basically, every game that’s happening on Saturday evening, we will be cutting in and out of whenever things heat up. Now, if it’s a little bit dry and games get a little cold, but it will need some highlights from earlier in the day.”

McAfee continued by noting that the program “will basically be everything you need to know from the college football day that was, inside the primetime games that are happening. That’s the vision. We’ll see if we can execute it. We can’t wait for it. It’s a beautiful time to be alive.”

Davis is set to host College GameDay from Tuscaloosa Saturday morning before hosting the Saturday night event with McAfee live in Indianapolis.

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