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Gregg Giannotti: Nobody On WFAN Wanted ‘Boring 15 Minutes’ With Carl Banks

New York Giants legend Carl Banks has made the decision to end his weekly interview with WFAN hosts Brandon Tierney and Sal Licata after an on-air fracas went viral last week. The station’s morning host — Gregg Giannotti — said it is not a loss for either side.

Banks told Licata and Tierney he would like to stop the weekly spot, despite both hosts apologizing to him for their conduct last week. However, Banks later told longtime New York sportswriter Gary Myers that he felt “disrespected” by the interaction.

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During Boomer & Gio Thursday, Giannotti mocked the entire situation, suggesting that Banks told Myers he felt disrespected only after he didn’t get the reaction he wanted after Licata and Tierney made the announcement he wouldn’t return.

Gregg Giannotti continued by noting that, in his opinion, no one on the station was sad to see the interview end, calling it the “most boring 15 minutes” on the station every week.

“He’s still going to do the pregame show stuff, he’s still going to be calling the games on WFAN, and he did a weekly spot for 20 God damn years here that was boring as hell! So his resigning from WFAN really means nothing to us! And for anybody that’s sitting there going, ‘Man, what a loss for WFAN’, stop! No one really liked that spot,” Giannotti said. “It was only still on because there was a sales play attached to it. That’s it. Nobody wanted it! The hosts? They didn’t want it. Management didn’t want it. Nobody wanted it.”

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