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Bill Handel: Elon Musk ‘Has Done Everything He Can to Destroy’ X

X owner Elon Musk elevated eyebrows around the media world Wednesday by declaring that advertisers who are boycotting the social media platform can “go f–k” themselves. KFI AM-640 host Bill Handel believes the move is another in a long line of bad decisions by the billionaire.

While discussing Musk’s comments, Handel argued that the comments won’t be overly helpful as Musk attempts to regain advertising dollars that left the platform after charges he posted anti-Semitic content. A Media Matters report detailed that large advertisers saw their advertisements placed directly next to other anti-Semitic content on the platform also led to the boycott.

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“That’s an interesting move, by a CEO telling advertisers who are either about to leave or leaving because of controversy about the CEO of the company they’re advertising with. I don’t believe that’s a particularly good move,” Handel admitted. “It’s been at least 10 days, two weeks, since he posted the anti-Semitic comments and advertisers said ‘Thank you, we’re done’, up to this point.”

Handel continued by noting that a simple apology from Musk would have likely ended any pushback before other advertisers pulled their money.

“I think so. ‘Oops, I made a mistake. I’m sorry’, I don’t know,” Handel said before joking that Musk’s purchase of X was equal to an average person seeing candy bars at the checkout of a grocery store.

“He grabbed it without thinking. He has done everything he can to destroy that company, and he has done a brilliant job.”

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