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Tucker Carlson Questions How Much Ben Shapiro Cares About America

Tucker Carlson recently appeared on Breaking Points with Saagar Enjeti. The thirty plus minute conversation covered a variety of media and business matters, but it was his commentary on Ben Shapiro that raised eyebrows.

When asked by Enjeti why some in public positions have such strong beliefs over third world conflicts yet have less interest and care for issues affecting American citizens, Carlson fired away, taking aim in the process at Daily Wire co-founder and host Ben Shapiro.

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“It showed the level of corruption, which I knew, but it also showed the emotional instability. There are people on the right who’ve spent the last two months every single day focused on a conflict in a foreign country as our own country becomes dangerously unstable, on the brink of financial collapse with tens of millions of people who shouldn’t be here who we don’t know their identities or purpose for being here.”

Tucker continued, “This is stuff that could destroy the country for real, and make it impossible for my kids to live here. They (Shapiro) have said nothing about that, and they’re focused with laser intensity on foreign conflicts. They don’t care about the country at all, and that’s their prerogative, but I do. I’m shocked by how little they care about the country, including the person you mentioned (Shapiro). I can’t imagine how someone like that can get an audience of people who claim to care about America because he doesn’t.”

Carlson also spent time discussing free speech, and the launch of his new network. He shared that he wouldn’t have launched it if it weren’t done for him. He explained that it was difficult to think about anything else when he was hosting a daily show for Fox News. His goal moving forward is to build a news network that can’t be cancelled.

During the conversation, Tucker revealed that he only reads independent media because he doesn’t trust anything else. He mentioned that subscriptions are an important part of his business model because they shield the network from being cancelled due to advertisers being bullied by well funded organizations. His hope is to cover stories that get no attention, some of the more important and interesting ones, and be as honest as he can be.

Enjeti followed up by asking Carlson if he felt independent media could rival cable television in terms of cultural cache, and driving politics. Carlson remarked that he felt network television was on borrowed time.

“I think they’re done, and for a couple of reasons,” Carlson said. “First is the business model. It’s too expensive. I don’t think NBC News will be here in ten years. I’d bet my car on it. They’re in decline exorbitantly and actually, the age of television went on a lot longer than I thought it would. I started doing it in 1995, and I’d grown up in it because my dad did it so I’ve seen it longitudinally for over fifty years, and I’m just amazed at it’s durability. But everything comes to an end, our lives included.”

Carlson continued, “I think they devalued their own currency by lying too much. You can’t be just a flat out propaganda organization for a company like Pfizer because it’s too obvious. When people figure out that that’s what you are and don’t trust you in a world with choices, they will choose not to believe you and then they will choose not to watch you, and the numbers show that that’s happening.”

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