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Candace Owens: Media Filled With ‘People Who Will Step On Anyone’s Head to Sell You Their Take’

The Daily Wire’s Candace Owens returned from maternity leave this week and said the time away gave her an opportunity to reflect on both the political and news media sphere.

In her first podcast since returning, Owens shared that in addition to giving birth, she also underwent surgery that left her unable to walk for several weeks. During her recovery, she committed to refraining from speaking on social media and said the respite was good for her.

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“Let me tell you something, when you are bedridden for a couple of weeks, for a month, like I was, you get to thinking a lot about where you are, where you came from, where you’re going, and the people that are in your life,” Owens said. “I took a social media silence — a vow of silence — just for myself, and it really just provides new context to just how absolutely insane people are. When you can just sit back and see how people will try to manipulate the masses or pretend that they’ve changed or that you haven’t changed. I think we saw a lot of this at the end of last year.”

When Owens departed for maternity leave, she was locked in a high-profile spat with Daily Wire co-founder Ben Shapiro over her encapsulation of the Israeli/Palestinean conflict, with Shapiro calling her opinions on the matter “disgraceful”, before encouraging her to leave the outlet.

Candace Owens appeared to address the issues, arguing that she was taken out of context for supporting the idea that innocent Palestinians are being persecuted in Israel.

“People took my tweets and they decided that it meant something else. And they went insane,” Owens alleged. “They suddenly said it was not okay to say that genocide is always wrong. I’m not kidding. And again, I was 40 weeks pregnant when this was taking place. And I had a bunch of my friends, ‘friends’ (arguing against me). There are no friends in politics. There are just people that are trying to generate clicks and trying to essentially sell to you their take. And they will be willing to step on anyone’s head to do that. So that’s what I was dealing with at 40 weeks pregnant and it really made me think.”

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