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Jason Rantz: Facebook Matters More to My Audience Than Any Other Social Media

There’s a perception that no one uses Facebook anymore. 770 KTTH host Jason Rantz says he hasn’t experienced that, but has shared his displeasure with the social network.

During The Jason Rantz Show, the Seattle-based host shared that he still has a large audience on Facebook and its an important platform for him.

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“I’ve been posting on my Facebook account, and I’ve been doing this for years,” said Rantz. “Normally, because on the Facebook side of things, I have about 51,000 followers, which is more than half of what I have over on the Twitter side, but I get a lot of engagement on Facebook. And I think it’s because the demographic of the show is more likely to be on Facebook than say TikTok or Instagram. So I take Facebook seriously as far as content distribution and putting my videos up.”

Rantz continued by noting he has had struggles with the social media platform and his reach. He says he was given the run around by the company’s support staff.

“For the last year and a half, (my reach) has pretty much gone down the drain. I get like 12 clicks on an article link that I post, when before I would get thousands. It really doesn’t make any sense,” said Rantz. “And I’ve been saying there’s something clearly wrong with my Facebook page and I’ve gone through a number of tech people asking them — from tech support, from Facebook — saying ‘Hey, what’s going on?’ And they keep telling me there’s nothing wrong, there’s nothing wrong, there’s nothing wrong.”

Rantz then said he was told that a glitch in the code of his page was limiting his reach, which should be rectified and allow him to continually reach his 51,000 followers.

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