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Sean Hannity: Jake Tapper, Rachel Maddow Aren’t Honest With Their Audiences

Last week, Sean Hannity returned fire on Jake Tapper after criticism from the CNN host. Hannity continued his onslaught by adding Rachel Maddow to his list.

After Tapper referred to the Fox News and nationally syndicated radio host as an “unofficial Trump adviser,” adding that “Hannity is always known for being charitable,” Hannity sounded off by saying that he wouldn’t even respond to Tapper until his CNN ratings were in the same ballpark as Hannity’s.

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While speaking with author and Fox News contributor Joe Concha on The Sean Hannity Show Friday, Concha shared that CNN had acted maliciously in airing a report that New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers — who was reportedly under consideration to be Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s running mate on a third-party presidential ticket — had privately shared conspiracy theories that the 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Connecticut was a false flag operation enacted by the United States government as a way to restrict gun ownership.

That’s when Hannity remembered his criticism of Jake Tapper, who was hosting on the cable news network when the report dropped. Sean Hannity argued that Tapper, along with other cable news hosts, are dishonest in their approach.

“He’s a perfect example. Or Rachel Maddow, another example. These are people that claim to be journalists and they’re liberal, leftist talk show hosts,” said Hannity. “They’re dishonest about who they are. They claim they’re journalists. They’re anything but journalists. Just own who you are.”

Concha agreed, saying that the network intentionally held the story until it was political advantageous to release it against the NFL star.

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