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Nick Kayal: ‘Howard Stern Doesn’t Have the Relevance He Used to Have’

Last week, SiriusXM host Howard Stern welcomed President Joe Biden to his program. The interview was much maligned, including strong criticism from 1210 WPHT host Nick Kayal.

On Monday, Kayal argued that Stern’s stature in the media landscape has been greatly diminished in recent years, and has himself to blame for that lack of cachet.

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“First of all, Howard Stern doesn’t have the audience that he used to have. He really only works kind of part-time, if you think about his schedule. Secondly, you have to pay to get his show. Some of the satellite programming comes free with vehicles for a period of time, but much like an elevated tier or package with cable TV, you need to pay for his channel,” said Kayal.

“Howard Stern doesn’t have the badass relevance that he used to have. He’s a pawn and a puppet for the establishment. He’s lost his backbone. The far left, and today’s woke culture love him. But the audience that used to love him probably doesn’t have the same passion for his content today.”

Kayal continued by noting that the only time Howard Stern — who used to dominate the headlines with his program — is when he enters the political realm with opinions that anger conservative media members and outlets.

“The only time Stern’s name is brought up in media today is when he utters some sort of political belief,” Kayal argued, stating that while the program doesn’t hold a grip on the American audience as it once did, it still features “major name recognition” for political candidates.

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