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Steve Cochran: I Get Questions About John Howell All The Time After WLS Exit

Last September, WLS 890 AM afternoon host John Howell departed the station after a lengthy stay. Current morning host Steve Cochran says he gets questions all the time about his former colleague.

As the Chicago news/talk station celebrates its 100th anniversary, Cochran is speaking to as many former employees as he can throughout the year. On Wednesday, he welcomed Howell to the show, as the two discussed his tenure and what led him to join the station.

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“We miss ya here,” Steve Cochran told Howell. “I get questions about you all the time. And it’s not just your golf game, people wanna know about your health. You sound fine to me!”

Howell joked “It’s a buffet table of misery” after turning 55. He noted that no longer having to prepare for a show allows him to spend more time focusing on a healthy lifestyle. “I work out. I’m enjoying it,” Howell said. “It’s been a good transition for me.

“I miss it. I love that studio, I love looking out over the river and the city, but I do not miss that drive downtown. I’ll tell you that.”

“It’s not gotten better,” Cochran responded.

During the interview, Howell noted that he was motivated to chase a career in radio by the Chicago station when it was one of the biggest Top 40 stations in America. Despite his run with the outlet ending last year, he shared he “loved something about every job” he’s held in the business.

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