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Chuck Todd: White House Is Afraid to Make Tough Calls on Mask

Former Biden administration official turned television commentator Symone Sanders defended her ex-boss after commentator Chuck Todd suggested that a recent loss on mask mandates has made him timid.

According to Mediaite, the conversation took place on MSNBC’s “MTP Daily” show on Tuesday. In addition to Sanders, MSNBC contributors Phil Rucker and Jim Dornan joined the conversation.

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“It feels like the White House is afraid of making some tough decisions for fear of what could be the worst-case scenario,” Todd said. “Is it because of what happened in the summer of 2021?”

Sanders suggested that Biden hasn’t completely abandoned taking action on masks given his orders to make reporters aboard Air Force One wear them.

“Is this overcorrecting?” Todd asked, to which Sanders responded “I don’t know it is overcorrecting. I think we’re all going through this together. You can’t fault the White House. They got news of the judicial ruling along with everyone else. And what they did was roll with the punches and I think rolled with the punches very well.”

The panel blamed former President Donald Trump for not doing enough to prevent the spread of COVID. 

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