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Julie Banderas on Dave Chappelle Attack: America Needs a Sense of Humor

The Fox News “OutNumbered” panel discussed the attack on comedian Dave Chappelle carried out by a disgruntled onlooker at the Hollywood Bowl on Tuesday night. Mediaite said that show contributor Julie Banderas said the man deserved the beating that he received following his takedown of Chapelle.

“He actually is lucky he didn’t get injured because this guy really pummeled him to the ground,” Banderas said. “But did you guys see the video of what this guy actually endured? This is what you get when you do stupid stuff.”  

The New York Post identified the man as Isaiah Bell and called him a want-to-be rapper who goes by the name “NoName_Trapper” on social media. Bell is facing numerous felony charges including assault with a deadly weapon.

“The guy’s arm was literally ripped out of its socket and spun around 180 degrees,” Banderas said. “That’s what happens when you storm on stage, and you break the law all over stupid political things. You gotta get a sense of humor. America needs to get a sense of humor, it’s comedy.”

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 Panelist Sean Duffy talked about the danger of people resorting to violence to counter speech that they disagree with. “When we have comedians that can’t make fun of different issues in society, we’ve lost it as a society.” 

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