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Former Fox News Anchor Ed Henry Drops Lawsuits Against CNN, NPR

A former Fox News anchor who was fired for alleged sexual misconduct has dropped two lawsuits filed against media outlets in the wake of the events. 

Ed Henry was fired by Fox News nearly two years ago following an outside investigation of “willful sexual misconduct in the workplace.” According to NPR, which reported on the incident at the time, Henry was suspended on June 25, 2020, and fired on July 1, 2020. 

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According to the Daily Beast, Henry turned around and filed a defamation lawsuit against NPR media reporter David Folkenflik, CNN chief media correspondent Brian Stelter, and anchor Alisyn Camerota, who he alleged had long-running grudges against Fox News. 

NPR reported that Henry “was given more prestigious roles by the network despite a colleague’s warning to top executives that doing so could damage Fox’s efforts at reforming its workplace culture.” 

In a statement to the Daily Beast, Folkenflik said lawsuits of this nature are “driven by a public relations strategy.” 

“I admire NPR’s unflagging commitment to providing its audiences with such coverage – and appreciative of the hard work people do behind the scenes to protect the space to do it,” he added. 

Henry still faces charges of rape and retaliation from former co-worker Jennifer Eckhart. 

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