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American Rescue Plan Coordinator Gene Sperling Spars with Fox News Hosts

With inflation at a 40-year high, the Biden administration is under fire for some of its decisions during the early stages of the pandemic, specifically as it relates to the American Rescue Plan. 

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden’s White House American Rescue Plan coordinator Gene Sperling was a guest on Fox News’ “America Reports” with Sandra Smith and John Roberts.

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A portion of the interview published on Mediate shows a tense exchange between Sperling and the hosts as he tried to defend the administration’s handling of America’s economic woes.

 “I think that the president has been very much where the larger number of experts in the country and around the world have been [on inflation], and I think the idea he hasn’t taken steps is not true,” said Sperling.

Smith pressed Sperling on the excessive rising cost of gas, asking why Biden wasn’t doing more to bring down the rising cost of gas.

“You know the answer to that. You know that this is global,” countered Sperling.

“So, there’s nothing we can do about it?” Smith asked.

“The president has people advising him. You are a senior adviser to the president, and we are just simply asking what can you tell the American people where prices will be a few months from now? What is your ability to control those prices and bring them down?” Smith added.

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