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Fox News Host Dana Perino Provides Commencement Address at College Alma Mater

Dana Perino of Fox News delivered the commencement speech to the graduating students of Colorado State University-Pueblo, urging them to uphold their integrity and pursue their aspirations.

Perino, who currently serves as a co-anchor on America’s Newsroom and co-host of The Five, herself attended the institution when it was known as the University of Southern Colorado.

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In 1994, she earned a bachelor’s degree in mass communication from the university. As an esteemed commencement speaker, Perino was also honored with a Doctor of Humane Letters degree.

During her address, she shared insights from her time working in the White House during the tenure of President George W. Bush, emphasizing to the students that they possess the ability to accomplish their dreams.

“You have to learn; how do you decide how you want to spend your day? How do you want to take care of yourself?”  Perino elaborated. “How do you want to ensure that you are doing the best that you can for yourself, your families, and your communities?”

The former White House Press Secretary emphasized that integrity is the most important asset an individual could have, despite the costs it might have.

“[Integrity is] the most valuable asset. And you have the responsibility to protect it at all costs. And that might cost you some things along the way. It could cost you friendships,” she explained. “It might cost you a job. It might cost you something that you would never want to give up that you think.”

 “Take your education, the fact that you’re American, your personal integrity, and go out there and show us what how you’re going to do it,” the “America’s Newsroom” co-host concluded. “I am honored to be here,” she added. 

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