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Outkick’s Tomi Lahren Takes Aim at the New York Times Over ‘The Little Mermaid’

On “Fox & Friends First” Tuesday, Tomi Lahren of OutKick strongly criticized The New York Times for publishing a review of “The Little Mermaid” that denounced its absence of fun, boldness, and “unconventional elements.” Lahren expressed her strong disdain for the review, referring to it as “repugnant,” and warned companies about the importance of acknowledging the concerns of conservative parents.

“It’s completely disgusting that they would associate this with a children’s movie. But when these writers, these institutions, these publications tell you who they are, believe them. And again, this is just another notch in the belt with these leftist organizations sexualizing, exploiting children,” she said.

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The review of The Times’s new live-action children’s film has sparked online backlash due to its critique suggesting the absence of “kink.”

According to movie critic Wesley Morris, who penned the review for The Times, “The new, live-action ‘The Little Mermaid’ embodies everything that nobody should desire in a movie: obedient and guarded, yet yearning for validation.”

“They have found the hill that conservatives and decent folks are willing to die on, protecting children. And we will do it every single time, ask Target, ask Bud Light, ask Kohl’s,” Lahren said. “We will protect children. We will keep them from being exploited. We will do it every time. Do not mess with us. We are done playing with this.”

Online attention was drawn to the reference to “kink” in The New York Times movie review, as highlighted by Fox News Digital. In the context of pop culture, “kink” can sometimes refer to someone’s unconventional sexual preference.

This sparked a debate among online film enthusiasts, particularly considering that “The Little Mermaid” holds a PG rating and is primarily targeted at children and families. Many individuals have questioned the necessity of including the word in the review and expressed divided opinions on its intended meaning.

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