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Curtis LeGeyt: AM For Every Vehicle Act Will Be Presented to Senate Committee This Week

NAB President Curtis LeGeyt appeared on Colarado’s Morning News with Marty Lenz and Jeana Gondek on KOA 850 Monday, and gave an update on where things stand with the AM For Every Vehicle Act.

LeGeyt told the hosts that the bipartisan bill — authored by Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) — will be presented to the Senate Commerce Committee “this week”. He added that more than 150 members of Congress have shown support for the bill. The bill is moving through Congress much faster than other potential bills, LeGeyt claimed. “It’s actually a very fast timeline,” he said.

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However, LeGeyt noted that automakers continue to argue that AM Radio interferes with electric vehicles. The NAB President and CEO dismissed that assertion and said the issue is easy to rectify.

“We’re asking them to put public safety and the ability of listeners to access free news and information above their bottom lines,” said LeGeyt. “And that’s really what this legislation is about. It’s a safety issue.”

While he did not mention any concrete dates, The AM For Every Vehicle Act is unlikely to be presented to the entire legislature before the Congressional August recess.

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