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Rich Zeoli: Brian Kilmeade Deserves Praise for Interview with Viktor Shokin

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade scored an interview with former Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin, who was reportedly fired at the insistence of then-Vice President Joe Biden. 1210 WPHT host Rich Zeoli believes Kilmeade deserves credit for getting to the bottom of the story.

During The Rich Zeoli Show Monday, the Philadelphia host argued that the work by Kilmeade overshadowed much of the media’s attempts at finding out what happened in 2016.

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“Brian Kilmeade had on the prosecutor Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin. Now, remember, the corporate media in this country has done nothing in terms of figuring out what he was supposedly accused of doing,” said Zeoli. “That led Joe Biden, as vice president of the United States to threaten to withhold a billion dollars in aid from the Ukrainian government. Biden bragged about that.

“Brian Kilmeade of Fox News did a great job of talking with Shokin… Nobody had ever actually accused him of corruption. Joe Biden just destroyed this man. And the corporate media in this country never bothered to ask any questions. So good for Kilmeade for getting him on his show.”

During the interview with Kilmeade on One Nation Saturday evening, Shokin shared his belief that Joe and Hunter Biden were bribed to call for his removal.


  1. To set the record straight, it was Biden on behalf of the US government and all of the NATO countries. This wasn’t a shakedown. The West wanted Shokin gone. The Ukrainians agreed that he needed to go. I didn’t hear the Kilmeade interview but, if he claims it was all Biden’s idea, as this story indicates, he’s wrong. I’m not a big Biden fan. I am a fan of accurate, unbiased reporting.

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