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Jason Rantz: Media Narratives Will Begin to Shift in Israel

Many conservative media pundits have been critical of coverage surrounding the Hamas attacks in Israel. 770 KTTH host Jason Rantz wasn’t in that camp until late this week.

During The Jason Rantz Show Thursday, the host argued that you would have to go digging to be overly critical of the media response to the situation.

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“I thought with the exception of MSNBC, up until today, unless I nit-picked, the media has been overall responsible in how it’s been covering the terrorist attack against Israel,” Rantz admitted.

However, he added that he had continuously shared his belief that the narrative would shift. Rantz argued that has started to happen.

“I said by Thursday or Friday, you’re going to start to see a meaningful shift and you’re already starting to see it. Not fully not across the board, but you can already see how it’s being framed, because now that Hamas is getting very close to having to deal with Israeli troops on the ground in Gaza, a land excursion, you’re starting to see some of the networks, some of the media outlets, feel more and more uncomfortable.”

He then pointed to coverage from CNN as proof of his theory.

“Over at CNN, this is directly on their site. Gaza — this is their lead story, their lead point, — ‘Gaza’s humanitarian crisis deepened Thursday, with warnings people are at risk of starvation and fuel could run out within hours. Israel is continuing airstrikes and withholding essential supplies in response to Hamas’s brutal terror attacks that killed more than 1,200 people’.

“Now, shouldn’t those two things be reversed and then maybe give some context to what’s going on in Gaza? The humanitarian crisis? Sure, it’s being made worse because of the terrorist attack that Hamas was responsible for, and now they’re paying a consequence. But Gazans have been put in positions where they kept Hamas in power, were supportive, not all of them, but they support them overall. They were celebrating the terrorist attacks. Again, not everyone, but a lot. And Hamas has not put money into infrastructure.”

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