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Chris Plante: Why Was the Debate on NBC?

The third 2024 Republican Presidential primary debate was held Wednesday evening and was televised on NBC. WMAL host Chris Plante is asking why that was the decision for the Republican National Committee.

During The Chris Plante Show Thursday, the longtime radio host openly questioned why the conservative political party would seek out the help of a news network that has a perceived bias against it.

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“Why did NBC have the debate? That’s the question,” Plante said. “Oh, it’s because the RNC is dumb and has no idea what’s going on in the country. Insulated from it all, I suppose.”

Many had questioned why NBC would partner with Salem Radio Network to present the third debate from Miami on Wednesday. However, not much had been made about the RNC’s partnership with NBC. The fourth debate will be broadcast on NewsNation, the political party announced Thursday.

Plante did note that Ron DeSantis praised the NBC moderators — Lester Holt and Kristen Welker, alongside Salem’s Hugh Hewitt — and said the event was more valuable than the previous debate on Fox Business Network.

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