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Dennis Prager: If Tucker Carlson Asks Putin Tough Question, Interview is Worth It

Tucker Carlson is set to release his interview with Vladimir Putin Thursday. Salem Radio Network host Dennis Prager argued the former Fox News host has a duty with the interview.

While appearing on The Megyn Kelly Show, Prager said Carlson is taking a risk by interviewing the Russian President, but can be rewarded by asking difficult questions.

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“He’s taking a risk, and it may be a very noble risk,” argued Prager. “I’m not using risk as a pejorative. But he has to ask some very difficult questions, as well. He has to ask about (The Wall Street Journal’s Evan Gershkovich) who is incarcerated on no good grounds. It would be worthy for him to ask about the opposition to Putin that all of a sudden seem to disappear or die premature deaths.

“If he excoriates those who interview (Ukrainian President Volodymyr) Zelenskyy as ‘pep sessions’ — that’s his word — then he can’t do the same thing with Putin. But otherwise, I think it is important that somebody does an interview with Putin.”

Carlson’s interview with the Russian President is scheduled to be published to X at 6 PM ET Thursday.

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