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Mike Gallagher: Creators Like Charlie Kirk Will Be Hurt By Potential TikTok Ban

A plan to ban social media app TikTok has been pushed through Congress, forcing the Chinese-based company Bytedance to sell its stake in the app in the next nine months. Salem Radio Network host Mike Gallagher is questioning why there isn’t more focus turned to other social media apps, while noting the ban could be an issue for colleagues.

While discussing the potential ban on The Mike Gallagher Show, the longtime host questioned why there isn’t a push to hold other social media apps — namely Facebook and Twitter — accountable for reported suppression and censorship during the 2020 presidential election.

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“How much suppression, how much censorship, do you think has taken place on those sites? Isn’t it fascinating that we never, ever talked about any other social media app except TikTok? That’s the biggie because it’s owned by China, Bytedance,” said Gallagher. “So who’s gonna step in?

“A lot of information out there that says the price tag is so massive that there isn’t really any American investor who’s going to be able to afford it right now or could pay for it,” he continued. “There’s personal responsibility here. You don’t like TikTok? Don’t go on TikTok! It’s ridiculous.”

Mike Gallagher added one of his Salem Radio Network colleagues will be adversely affected by a potential ban of the app.

“Charlie Kirk is right. Charlie Kirk’s got a million followers. You know how much you much good Charlie’s going to be able to do reaching young people on a social media app like Tiktok? Mike Pence is pandering. A lot of these RINOs are pandering … Let’s all get tough on TikTok. How about getting tough on social media like Facebook?”

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