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Alex Gold to Serve as Extra in Kansas City Chiefs Hallmark Holiday Movie

Hallmark Media, the NFL, Skydance Sports and the Kansas City Chiefs are working to produce a new holiday movie that will premiere during the 15th annual Countdown to Christmas programming event on the Hallmark channel. The film, titled Holiday Touchdown: A Chiefs Love Story, is in the process of filming in locations within the Kansas City area. When news of the movie became public, Cody Tapp and Alex Gold discussed the venture and gave their reactions to the partnership. From there, Tapp mentioned that he needed to be in the movie and drafted an email to pitch that the Cody & Tapp midday show should be featured as extras in the background.

Tapp was absent from Monday’s edition of the program on 610 Sports Radio Kansas City, much to the dismay of Gold upon revealing news that he had teased earlier in the show. Gold found out that he was selected to be an extra in the Hallmark movie, revealing that he was contacted last Friday about being part of a filming day. As a result, Gold will be on location for the movie this Saturday as part of a 12-hour day of filming in which he will serve as an extra, although he was unable to divulge specifics surrounding the occupation because of a nondisclosure agreement he signed.

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“I’m going to be in the Hallmark movie,” Gold told producer Drew Nixon. “You might see the back of my head for five seconds. I don’t know what my role is going to be – I’m an extra though. All three of us applied.”

Gold expressed that Tapp did not know he had been selected and that if he was listening to the show, he just found out in real time. Concurring with the nondisclosure agreement, he was restrained in what information he shared, although he said he is not sure where he is supposed to be on Saturday at the moment.

“I honestly don’t know much more yet anyway, so there’s nothing for me to spoil to begin with, but I’m not allowed to post on social media when we’re there all day Saturday,” Gold said. “They’re doing the filming this week – that’s public knowledge and everything – they’re doing it throughout the rest of the month [at] Independence [and] other locations.”

Ahead of the filming day later in the week, Gold received a warning that they are going to have plenty of water, anticipating that he will need to wear winter clothing in the summer heat since the movie takes place around the holiday season. Independence Square has been transformed to be decorated akin to the holiday season as the Hallmark presentation films in the area, utilizing the insides of select locations and sidewalks.

“The good thing is it sounds like 90% of the day on Saturday, I’m just going to be sitting on my ass not doing anything, and then for five minutes, I might actually do something,” Gold said.

Gold was originally slated to film the movie on Tuesday from 4 p.m. to 4 a.m. and was going to warn his colleagues that he would be going on two hours of sleep on Wednesday’s edition of the show. In the end though, he was moved to Saturday and is anticipating the 12-hour day of filming over the weekend.

“I wish Cody was here today,” Gold said. “I honestly do, I really do. This was a day where I’m really bummed out he’s not here just to see his reaction to this.”

“I don’t know if there would be a reaction,” Nixon replied. “He would have to take a minute and just take an ‘L.’”


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