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Report: Joy Reid Expected To Lose MSNBC Show Mid-Spring

There are rumors about MSNBC pulling the plug on “The ReidOut” hosted by Joy Reid.

According to a tweet from News Cycle Media’s Jon Nicosia, the network plans to pull Reid from her show in its next round of shuffling.

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Nicosia cited a “source at Comcast” and added that “decision has been made, the only thing left is messaging on the move, which will be ratings.”

“As was the case with Chris Cuomo at CNN, Reid has allies at Comcast; however, she is now viewed as “unmanageable” by many,” Nicosia tweeted. “Also, similar to Cuomo, it appears those allies have found out she has been “less than truthful about past incidents.”

“Also, like Cuomo at CNN. Watch for MSNBC/Comcast to defend her right until the announcement.”

MSNBC’s prime-time ratings took a big hit last year with a reported 25% drop. In September, Fox News reported that Reid’s ratings were down 56% since the beginning of 2021.

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