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Lara Logan: Fox News Doesn’t Want Independent Thinkers

Media personality Lara Logan criticized Fox News, a network she used to make regular appearances on, during a segment Wednesday on the nationally syndicated “Eric Metaxas show.” Logan accused Fox News of forcing her out, asserting that the network doesn’t want “free thinkers.”

“I mean, there is no doubt about that. They don’t want independent thinkers. They don’t want people who follow the facts regardless of the politics.”

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Last year, Logan compared Dr. Anthony Fauci to Dr. Josef Mengele, the Nazi doctor who performed cruel medical experiments on Jewish prisoners. The remarks about Fauci didn’t elicit any negative feedback for Fox News, but they did spell the end of her appearing regularly on the network.

“They (Fox News) don’t want people who follow the facts regardless of the politics,” Logan said. “I always don’t belong to any party; I don’t belong to any one side. And while people want to cast me as the darling of the right side.”

Logan added that she laughs when people tell her that the media is biased but bases their opinions on what media outlets write about her.

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