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Big 550 KTRS Host John Carney Returns After Painkiller Detox Stay

John Carney, midday host at Big 550 KTRS, returned to the airwaves Monday after missing more than a month.

Carney revealed he had been in a medically supervised detoxification program after admitting he was addicted to painkillers.

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In audio transcribed by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Carney said he became addicted after several open heart surgeries and the amount of pain he had be in over the last six years. He said the painkillers stopped working, so he “decided to stop the medications on my own — a bad idea.” He then added “To compound things, on top of all that medication I was taking, I was also chasing it with a fair amount of wine.”

Carney added with a new diet and exercise he has “not felt this good in almost a decade”.

He added he’ll turn 60 in March, and “I’d like to see it”.

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