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Mike Gallagher: ‘Joyless Reid’ Perfect Nickname For MSNBC Anchor

MSNBC anchor Joy Reid is a constant target for conservative media members and her recent comments on Senate candidate Herschel Walker (R-GA) caught the ire of conservative radio host Mike Gallagher.

Reid discussed with MSNBC contributor LaTosha Brown how black voters, especially black men, felt somewhat disrespected by the way Walker had been “paraded” by other Congressional Republicans like Lindsey Graham . Gallagher took exception to Reid’s characterization.

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“Miserable Joy Reid. (Sean) Hannity calls her ‘Relentlessly Joyless Reid’. It’s a perfect nickname,” Gallagher said. “These people have no joy. You think Joy Behar has any joy in her life? Joy Reid? They’re miserable people. Leftists are so angry and so miserable so much of the time. This is what I mean about the racism — the bigotry — that has been thrown at Herschel Walker.”

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