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Mike Missanelli On Potential Radio Return: ‘My Ears Are Always Open’

Philadelphia sports radio listeners have been in a bit of a nostalgic mood all year as the farewell tour for Angelo Cataldi continues on WIP. On Thursday morning, it was a double dose of “the good ol’ days” as Cataldi welcomed Mike Missanelli to the show.

Cataldi introduced Missanelli, one of the original WIP sports radio hosts, as a “former star of WIP and other stations that I won’t mention here”.

The two visited for 15 minutes and covered a number of topics. Mike Missanelli was candid about his feelings on his past partnership with Howard Eskin, admitting that he never wanted to stop working with Steve Fredricks and saying that he “literally wanted to kill [Eskin] every day.”

“Eskin came back to radio from doing TV and they thought that putting us together would be a good show, but they kind of threw Steve out the door,” Missanelli says of the beginning of the duo’s partnership. “They gave him night hours or whatever. So, I wasn’t in favor of it and I didn’t think it would work because to me, our chemistry wasn’t good. Howard is what he is, but what he isn’t is a team guy.”

Cataldi asked Missanelli what he missed most about being on the radio.

“I’ll tell you where I missed it during that Phillies run was the everyday reaction from fans,” Missanelli answered. “So I’m doing podcasts now where you don’t get that immediate reaction. So like, that bias play was always good about what we did in sports talk radio.”

Mike Missanelli has been off the air since being let go from 97.5 The Fanatic earlier this year. Cataldi noted that it was the first time Missanelli’s voice had been heard on 94 WIP since 2006 and that it would have happened sooner if Missanelli didn’t have to wait three months for his non-compete clause to end.

Will it be the last time we hear Mike Missanelli on the radio? He told Cataldi that he isn’t opposed to doing a live show again.

“My ears are always open,” he said. “Like when this ended at the other station, I didn’t expect that I was going to do anything. Then all of the sudden, I started getting a couple of calls to do some things. You know, I’m not ready for the grave. I think I would listen to any opportunity if it was palatable.”

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