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The Daily Wire Confirms It Presented Offer Criticized By Steven Crowder

Late last week, Blaze Media announced Louder with Crowder host Steven Crowder was departing the company. Crowder subsequently detailed offers he had received from other conservative outlets to air his daily program, mocking one in particular. The Daily Wire Co-CEO Jeremy Boreing has confirmed that offer came from his company.

“I believe many of those in the right-leaning media are actually at odds with what’s best for you — the viewer, the customer — and more importantly the country,” Crowder said in a video published to YouTube. “I’m specifically avoiding naming names or going after people in this video because I genuinely hope those who I’m addressing — and you know who you are — have a change of heart. It’s never too late to do the right thing.”

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Crowder then compared some conservative outlets to big tech in their blood-thirst to milk as much revenue out of their offerings, as well as their employees.

“I went into free agency. I looked over the offers, and I saw the claws come out. I don’t just mean unreasonable demands for control, but what I would argue are immoral terms that actually punish conservative content creators on behalf of big tech.”

Crowder then detailed contract terms he was offered, which purported to include the company offering the contract ownership of his social media accounts, a reduction in pay of up to $1 million per instance if he failed to deliver an agreed-upon number of episodes, as well as an up to 60% penalty if his videos were demonetized.

In a video posted to YouTube, Boreing confirmed the offer Crowder was critical of came from The Daily Wire, but noted he was disappointed he had to make such a video.

“I’m really miserable to be making this video,” said Boreing. “Steven’s been my friend for 10 years. I think he’s maybe the most talented person working in the conservative media space. He’s one of the top entertainers in the country, politics notwithstanding. I find it really tragic that we’re having this kind of conversation.”

Boreing claimed Crowder was offered a 4-year, $50 million contract with the option for the company to extend his offer for another two years that would pay him an additional $25 million. However, Crowder would be responsible for paying his production staff out of the $50 million offered to him.

In the nearly hourlong video, The Daily Wire Co-CEO detailed the entire contract offered to Crowder. Boreing claimed his company tried to reach out to Crowder’s agent to discuss what the conservative host was looking for in a new outlet, what he prioritized, and other factors that could ensure the two were a correct fit. However, according to Boreing, Crowder’s agent was only interested in discussing terms, and laid out how much Crowder was looking to be compensated.

Later in the video, Boreing balked at the idea of continuing to pay Crowder his full salary should he say something that leads to demonetization on YouTube, Facebook, or podcast platforms. Crowder took greatest issue with that verbiage in the contract, and Boreing pushed back on Crowder’s insinuation that he built his following by himself.

“He talks in his video about being one of the only true independent conservative voices, and I find that incredibly offensive. Steven — the whole time I’ve known him — has worked for someone else. Has been paid by someone else. That doesn’t mean other people tell him what to say. He’s a very independent voice, and that’s right to say, but so is Matt Walsh, so is Candace Owens, so is Ben Shapiro, so is Michael Knowles, so is Michael Cooper. Steven is very much an independent voice, but he’s not exactly a self-made man. That’s not true.”

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