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Ben Shapiro: If My Show Loses The Daily Wire Money, I Lose Money

A now public feud between The Daily Wire and conservative commentator Steven Crowder has many in news media discussing the contract proposed by the conservative digital outlet, with Ben Shapiro — co-founder of the company — now weighing in.

Crowder publicly blasted a contract offer he received after becoming a free agent. He claimed the offer featured not only “unreasonable demands for control, but what I would argue are immoral terms that actually punish conservative content creators on behalf of big tech.”

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The Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boreing subsequently admitted in a YouTube video that the offer came from his organization. He claimed he was “really miserable” making the video, transparently going through the entire contract offered to the former Blaze Media star.

Shapiro went on the attack Thursday, claiming nothing in Crowder’s contract offer was out of the ordinary, saying many of the same provisions are in his own contract.

“If my show loses money, and it loses The Daily Wire money, I lose money,” said Shapiro. “It would’ve been precisely the same thing. If he had lost money in the ad space, and his show had lost money, then he also would’ve lost money because that’s how a joint venture works.”

Shapiro continued to ask his audience to support Crowder’s new efforts, but did say the conservative pundit was in the wrong for so harshly sharing so many details about the contract publicly.

“There is something rather nasty about attacking people who have been friends for over a decade…on the basis of your own misinterpretation of a document that offers you $50 million over the course of 4 years,” Shapiro concluded.

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