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Brandon Tatum Calls Out DL Hughley For Memphis Commentary on The Daily Show

Podcaster and Salem Media radio host Brandon Tatum criticized “The Daily Show” stand-in host D.L. Hughley for his assertion that the five Memphis Police officers arrested in the beating death of Tyre Nichols were taken into custody so fast because they were Black. 

Tatum, a former police officer in Tucson, Arizona, chose a career in law enforcement after going undrafted in the NFL Draft. Tatum played football for the University of Arizona. His great uncle Jack Tatum was a Super Bowl champion with the Oakland Raiders. 

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“I’m glad that I’m around good positive people, because it must suck, being a Black man, living in America, under the ideas of these deranged Democrats and people like D.L. Hughley,” he said on his podcast Tuesday. “It is so oppressive believing in Black people in America as a Black man.” 

According to the Daily Beast, Hughley said Monday “they (police) got arrested so fast they didn’t even give us time to riot!” As the faces of the five Black cops appeared on the screen beside him, he added, “I’ve gotta wonder why.” 

Hughley is one of the fill-in hosts that “The Daily Show” has been using since Trevor Noah departed in December. 

“If anybody keeps telling me that the white man is the problem, I don’t know what planet you live on,” said Tatum. “Black liberals, feckless Black leaders and activists are the biggest threat to Black people in America, by far. They are a bigger threat than slavery, than Jim Crow. Modern day Black folks that are in leadership positions are the biggest threat to Black America.” 

Tatum pointed out that the media desires to blame race for the tragedy in Memphis while ignoring the fact that the police chief, the former officers, and the victim are Black. 

“It’s sad because you have someone like me that will say something about this and then Black people will come after me for telling the truth about the community,” said Tatum. 

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