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CBS News Celebrating 85th Anniversary of World News Roundup

March 13th, 1938. Robert Trout of CBS News anchors the first World News Roundup, highlighting Adolf Hitler’s German invasion of Austria. A CBS executive named Edward R. Murrow reported on the situation from Vienna.

85 years later, World News Roundup is still going strong.

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“The program is just as relevant and impactful as it was on that fateful day 85 years ago,” CBS News Radio Network Vice President and General Manager Craig N. Swagler told Radio Ink. “We have been at the forefront of observing and reporting on history, from the first broadcast as Nazis marched on Austria, to the Jan 6 attack on The Capitol, to the Uvalde tragedy, to the ongoing war in Ukraine. CBS News Radio brings our listeners the most impactful stories that shape the world.”

In celebration of the 85th anniversary, CBS News released the original World News Roundup as an on-demand podcast.

More than 150 stations continue to broadcast World News Roundup. The offering is also available on SiriusXM.

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