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Mitch Rosen Celebrates Laurence Holmes’s 25 Years on 670 The Score

The boss doesn’t show up on 670 The Score everyday, so if Mitch Rosen is making time to appear on one of the station’s shows, you know something special is happening. He was on the air Monday morning at the start of Bernstein & Holmes to pay tribute to co-host Laurence Holmes, who is celebrating 25 years with the station today.

“Congratulations. 25 years at one brand, let alone 25 years of work at one place of is incredible,” Rosen said as he delivered a whole lot of donuts from Huck Finn, a favorite of Holmes’s, “but at one station in our crazy business is a true testament to who you are and what you do every day.”

Leila Rahimi was in for Dan Bernstein Monday. She echoed Rosen’s statements saying that in 2023, five years on one station in a major market “is incredible. 25 years is unheard of.”

Holmes said that he appreciated what Rosen allowed him to do and be on air. He noted that one of the most impactful moments on his career came after his show Hamp & Holmes failed to catch on. Mitch Rosen told Holmes that he still wanted him to be The Score’s night time host. Holmes told Rosen that helped him understand that just because a show failed does not mean he is a failure.

“I love working with people. I love managing people. I love watching people grow,” Rosen said as he recapped all of the different positions he watched Holmes grow from a producer to a reporter to now a host. He noted that Laurence Holmes even pent some time in sales.

Rosen, who just received some good news of his own last week as he was promoted to Brand Manager and VP of the station, added that he is not surprised that Laurence Holmes is celebrating 25 years at the station. As a host, he called Holmes one of the best interviewers he has ever heard. But he added that his skills are diverse. That has made it easy to always find a role for him at 670 The Score.

“There was always a need for him, whether it was nights or daytime, there was always a special fit at The Score and within our brand, for someone as bright and talented as Laurence was.”

Demetri Ravanos
Demetri Ravanos
Demetri Ravanos is a columnist and features writer for Barrett Media. He is also the creator of The Sports Podcast Festival, and a previous host on the Chewing Clock and Media Noise podcasts. He occasionally fills in on stations across the Carolinas in addition to hosting Panthers and College Football podcasts. His radio resume includes stops at WAVH and WZEW in Mobile, AL, WBPT in Birmingham, AL and WBBB, WPTK and WDNC in Raleigh, NC. You can find him on Twitter @DemetriRavanos or reach him by email at [email protected].

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