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Jen Psaki: Twitter Isn’t Built for Video Shows Like Tucker Carlson’s

Last week, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson sent shockwaves through the media landscape after announcing he’d relaunch his nightly television show on social media platform Twitter. However, MSNBC host Jen Psaki doesn’t appear to be a believer that the new setup will be a successful one.

In a post to, the Inside host argued that Carlson’s loyal followers fall into older age ranges, and aren’t likely to follow him to an unfamiliar platform.

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“Are Carlson’s millions of nightly watchers really going to seek out his hate speech on a platform largely designed for scrolling?” the former White House Press Secretary questioned.

She then pondered what Carlson’s future looked like without the backing of Fox News.

“Carlson is now without the backing of America’s most-watched cable network. How many 65-year-olds are going to drastically change their routine?”

Psaki also argued that “This may not be the last format Carlson engages with” as details of what his contract language with Fox News dictates in regard to his potential video endeavors remains to be seen.

She asked for the opinion of NBC News dark web expert Ben Collins, who agreed that the situation might be less than ideal for Carlson.

“I don’t think he understands. He’s just some guy on Twitter now,” concluded Collins.

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