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Ron DeSantis Still Prefers Cable News Over Social Media

Ron DeSantis, the potential Republican presidential candidate for 2024, expressed to Newsmax host Eric Bolling that he doesn’t prioritize social media and prefers watching cable news over using apps.

According to Mediate, this statement comes after his unsuccessful campaign launch on Twitter earlier this week. On Newsmax’s The Balance on Thursday, DeSantis mentioned that Twitter had high expectations of attracting a large audience for the event.

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When asked by Bolling whether he had received any communication from Rupert Murdoch, the executive chairman of News Corp, or Murdoch’s sons regarding his choice to launch his campaign on Twitter instead of Fox News, DeSantis responded by saying, “No, we didn’t. But I understand. Different people have different perspectives on these matters.”

DeSantis further admitted, “Personally, I’m not particularly active on social media. I prefer watching programs like yours rather than using apps. However, I acknowledge that social media holds great importance for many individuals.”

Explaining his decision to launch the campaign on Twitter, DeSantis highlighted the platform’s role in promoting free speech and how it had become an outlet for conservatives to voice their opinions and challenge established media platforms, particularly following Elon Musk’s involvement. DeSantis viewed this as a significant factor in his choice.

“They were anticipating a lot of people, but there were more people that tried to sign up than even what Twitter had anticipated,” he claimed. “I was just in a room in Florida, so I didn’t really know necessarily what was going on.”

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