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The View Pays Homage to Co-Founder Bill Geddie

Last week, longtime Barbara Walters producer and The View co-founder Bill Geddie died. Hosts of the ABC program honored his memory during Monday’s show.

“We lost Barbara Walters in December. And on Thursday, we lost Bill Geddie. He was 68 years old, really cranky, and really funny,” said longtime host Whoopi Goldberg. “He was The View’s co-creator and Executive Producer for 17 seasons. And he worked with all of the hosts. He and Barbara met while working at GMA in New York, and they were a team for like 27 years and then Barbara said, ‘You know, Bill, let’s go do something different.’

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“And that’s how we all got to the table because Barbara did something different, unique, and they call it The View. Bill was from San Antonio, Texas. He met his wife Barbara at ABC’s Oklahoma station, where they both worked. They made were married for 44 years. They’ve got two daughters, Lauren and Alison…Bill was a film buff,” Goldberg continued.

“He wrote a sci-fi film called Unforgettable. He loved music and love comedy and he loved his coworkers. As I said, he could be crabby, but he was fair and he was funny.”

Geddie, according to his family, died of coronary-related factors.

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