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Marc Bertrand: Tom Brady is Telling You He is Serious About Broadcasting

Tom Brady implied that he’s still going to be heading to the broadcast booth eventually, and the way he talked about taking on this new role showed 98.5 The Sports Hub host Marc Bertrand that the Patriots legend wants to do well.

On the latest edition of Brady’s podcast Let’s Go, Tom talked about returning to Foxboro ahead of a special tribute to him by the team at its Week 1 game on Sunday.

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“I had two decades of incredible life-altering experiences,” Brady said. “I have so many memories from my time there. I’m creating a new memory with the people there and to go back to that stadium and bring my kids and my family in a different way, you know. I haven’t been to that stadium in this way ever. I went there as a player. I went once as a competitor and now I’m going to go there as a fan. I will be there in the future as a broadcaster.”

On Zolak & Bertrand on Tuesday, Marc pointed out that Tom also said he anticipates not being the best broadcaster initially. It’s something he’ll get better at in time. Marc felt like it’s a positive sign that Brady is going to really commit to being in the booth.

“He is admitting that he will not be excellent out of the gate and that it is something he will need to work at to be excellent at,” he said. “Just thinking about it in those terms tells me he’s serious. He’s gonna go do that damn thing!”

“He’s a smart guy. You sit there and you listen to guys,” co-host Scott Zolak responded. “When you’re growing up and you’re playing the game, you know who the broadcasters are. You know which ones sound good and which ones don’t.”

Bertrand pointed out that Brady was part of a pre-recorded package on Michigan football for Big Noon Kickoff on FOX over the weekend. A little nugget that Brady is honoring his deal with FOX.

“He was involved,” he said. “He was doing a little thing for FOX there. Got a little teaser of Brady the broadcaster.”

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