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Sean Hannity and Clay Travis Agree: What Happened to Howard Stern?

SiriusXM host Howard Stern has received pushback from his insistence that being called “woke” is a compliment. Many questioned what happened to the former shock jock legend. Fox News host Sean Hannity and radio host Clay Travis have joined that camp.

“I admire him as a broadcaster. And one of the things that was quintessential Howard is he took criticism, dealt with it head-on, and gave an honest answer. That defines his career. I give him a lot of credit for that,” Hannity said during his Fox News program Wednesday.

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“I don’t know what happened. The guy that I felt I listened to would have loved an iconoclastic straightforward, hard-hitting guy like Trump,” Sean Hannity continued. “He would not be hiding in his closet afraid of COVID. That’s not the guy that I thought I knew.”

“He is a radio legend. And you and I both do radio daily, so we understand what that requires. But the Howard Stern today would, as you said, hate — absolutely hate — the Howard Stern of 25 years ago and vice versa,” agreed Travis. “And I think he’s an emblematic example, Sean, of what happens when people got broken by Donald Trump and COVID. The combination of the two of them this guy didn’t leave his house for two and a half years.”

Clay Travis continued by noting Stern has gotten away from what made him famous.

“Howard Stern’s popularity was his rebellion against the status quo. Now he’s become a zealous advocate of the status quo and of authority. He’s become the opposite of what he used to be.”

“He’s being honest,” admitted Sean Hannity. “That I can applaud and appreciate. I do. That has defined him his whole career, but I kinda liked the other guy a lot better.”

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