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Dukes & Bell Laugh at Ex-Producer Going Hollywood After Becoming Morning Show Host

Former Dukes & Bell producer and now The Morning Shift co-host Beau “Squidbilly” Morgan turned some heads at the 92.9 The Game on Tuesday morning just casually mentioning that he owns a Louis Vuitton travel bag.

Morgan is the executive producer for the Atlanta Falcons radio crew, and he will be making the trip to London for Sunday’s game between the Falcons and Jacksonville Jaguars at Wembley Stadium. On the morning show earlier in the day, Morgan said something when talking about traveling to England that Carl Dukes couldn’t resist discussing with Mike Bell.

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“I need help about a weather report this time of year,” Morgan said in the brief clip Dukes played on their show Tuesday afternoon. “I can only take my little small Louis bag so I don’t know how much to pack.”

“How much has changed when Squid used to tell us, ‘I can’t afford that,’ and now, Mike, he’s talking about packing a Louis bag,” Dukes said.

“I’m literally dumbfounded,” Bell responded.

Dukes and Bell weren’t trying to rain on or put down the success Morgan has had at The Game, but it was just hilariously shocking to learn that Beau could afford a luxury brand like Louis Vuitton.

“Guys, this is what we do,” Dukes said. “We push people to become very successful, and then Mike this kind of stuff happens.”

“I had to share it with our audience because I loved it. It was funny,” Dukes later added. He mentioned that part of what made the clip so great was the reactions from Morgan’s co-hosts Mike Johnson and Tiffany Blackmon. “And Beau, I hear you man. You know what, just don’t forget the little people as you continue to move up alright?”

Bell figured since Morgan was traveling with the team for this trip, Beau probably had to step his luggage game up just a little bit.

“I guess when you’re traveling with the Falcons you do have to look like a baller to keep up with the styles in the room,” Bell said.

It obviously was all in good fun. Morgan caught wind of the segment and responded on Twitter not long after hearing.

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