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Matt Walsh Fastest Growing Conservative Podcast, New Analytics Show

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh has seen expansive growth of his radio show, and new analytics show his podcast is also growing exponentially.

Data from TheRighting shows Walsh’s podcast has more than doubled its subscriber base since the third quarter of last year. The 108% increase is the largest jump since the company began monitoring conservative podcasts in 2021.

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“Matt Walsh has built a large podcast audience based in part on his transphobic world view,” said The Righting President Howard Polskin. “The speed in which his subscriber base is growing demonstrates that his polarizing messages are resonating with listeners. There is clearly an audience receptive to what he’s saying.”

According to data from The Righting, The Ben Shapiro Show remains the most-listened to conservative podcast with more than 500,000 subscribers. Jordan Peterson, Dan Bongino, and Bill O’Reilly and Steven Crowder round out the top five list.

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