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Greg Hill: ‘It Drives Me Nuts’ How Easy It Is For Radio Hosts to Judge Others

The entertainment world was saddened to learn over the weekend that former Friends co-star Matthew Perry had died. He was 54 years old. Perry sharing his struggles was admirable in the opinion of WEEI’s Greg Hill. But that didn’t sit well with a caller who felt like the whole Greg Hill Show cast were making the actor out to be some hero for admitting he was an addict who struggled to stay sober.

The cause of Perry’s death is under investigation, and authorities stated no illicit drugs were recovered from his Los Angeles area home last Saturday. Investigators do not suspect foul play. An official cause of death could take weeks or months to determine.

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Perry had been very open about his drug and alcohol addiction both in his 2022 memoir and in an interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer.

“The guy could have hidden out in Hollywood and never mentioned a word about what he went through,” Hill said. “I give him credit for being brave enough to do that.”

“He had no need to reveal this level of vulnerability that he did sitting down with Diane Sawyer,” added producer Chris Curtis. Curtis opened up about his own recovery from alcoholism. He took issue with Jerry not fully understanding what point they were trying to make when talking about Perry’s addiction.

“I’m not celebrating any individual part of Matthew Perry’s life,” he said. “I’m celebrating the fact he allowed himself to be seen as others refuse to be seen.”

“It’s a disease. And if you don’t have it, I don’t think we can understand what it’s like to have that disease,” Hill added. “It’s almost like you’re sitting there pointing at somebody who’s passed away from cancer and saying, ‘I can’t believe that they weren’t able to beat cancer.”

“I just think it’s way too easy when it’s someone like Matthew Perry to look at it from the outside and say, ‘This guy has got all the money in the world, he’s on the number one television show, how does he not stop drinking, how does he not stop doing drugs?'” Hill later said. “It’s way too easy to look at it from the outside and judge people, and it drives me nuts.

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