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Tucker Carlson Exit at Fox News ‘Wasn’t Just One Thing, It Was Everything’, Brian Stelter Book Alleges

The cable news world was rocked on Monday, April 24th, when it was announced that Fox News was parting ways with popular primetime host Tucker Carlson. The former host has alleged his firing was a condition of the network’s settlement with Dominion Voting Systems, but author Brian Stelter alleges the decision was much more nuanced.

In an excerpt from his upcoming book Network of Lies, Stelter reveals that there has yet to be evidence tying the network and the election machine company together in Carlson’s dismissal.

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However, Stelter points out, there is a plethora of contributing factors that ultimately led to the primetime host’s exit.

“It was always going to end badly,” one Carlson producer said. “We knew we were burning too bright.”

In the excerpt released to Vanity Fair, Stelter’s book argues that Tucker Carlson and his cult of personality grew inside the network, to the point that he felt he was invincible.

“Think, for just a moment, about the worst relationship in your past—and why it ended. Odds are, there wasn’t just one reason, it wasn’t one thing, it was everything: a book’s worth of fights and slights and resentments and grievances,” the excerpt reads. “Maybe there was a final indignity—an affair, a betrayal, the discovery of a derogatory text—but even if one party was blindsided, the other could list a dozen long-gestating reasons for the breakup. That’s why Fox dropped Carlson. It wasn’t one thing. It was everything.

“Yes, he was in the sights of the Fox board. Yes, he was under scrutiny for his “cunt” texts. Yes, his ‘white men fight’ message made matters worse. And yes, his show’s climate was so hostile that Grossberg had standing to sue. But there was so much more:

  • Carlson repulsed large swaths of the company he worked for.
  • He created internal strife with his conspiratorial commentaries.
  • He exposed Fox to defamation suits from the likes of Ray Epps.
  • He offended key executives and seemed to take delight in doing so, to the point that managers believed he broke rules and norms just to show he could.
  • He strained friendships, as Rupert’s and Lachlan’s chums repeatedly complained to them about his poisonous rhetoric.
  • He triggered so many ad boycotts and turned off so many advertisers that his time slot was far less profitable for Fox than it should have been.
  • And he committed the cardinal Fox sin of acting like he was bigger than the network he was on.”

Carlson has continually claimed that his dismissal was an unspoken agreement between Fox News and Dominion Voting Systems as part of the $787.5 million settlement by the network. However, both companies have vehemently denied the departure was tied to the agreement.

Stelter added that while the network insisted the move was mutual, it was obviously a firing. However, the network did offer Tucker Carlson the opportunity to include a statement in the press release announcing his exit, which he mulled over before declining.

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