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94WIP Hosting Fundraiser for the Travis Manion Foundation

SportsRadio 94WIP personalities will be serving as guest bartenders at a southern Philadelphia location of Chickie’s and Pete’s (1526 Packer Avenue) on Wednesday from 6 to 8 p.m. ET. The endeavor is part of the Birds at the Bye Week event, an all-day remote broadcast including special guests such as Angelo Cataldi, Mike Quick, Merrill Reese, and Ray Didinger. This event is to raise money for the Travis Manion Foundation.

The event, which is being sponsored by Bud Light, will include raffle tickets for a chance to win autographed merchandise, studio sit-in opportunities, a trip with Phans of Philly and merchandise from the foundation. Some of the hosts from SportsRadio 94WIP who will work as guest bartenders – all of whom will be collecting tips and donations for the foundation – include Howard Eskin, Joe Giglio, Hugh Douglas, and Joe DeCamara among several others.

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The foundation itself is dedicated to Doylestown, Penn. native 1st Lt. Travis Manion of the United States Marine Corps, a veteran who made the ultimate sacrifice for his country. Manion was deployed to Iraq, and before leaving, his brother-in-law stated that if he sustained an injury at home, he would not have to go back for a second time. In response, Manion said, “If not me, then who?,” indicative of the mantra the foundation operates with today that communicates a sense of duty towards one’s country.

Today, the non-profit organization performs work throughout the community that enables veterans and families of the fallen to continue service to their country while at home. There are several programs that train, develop, and highlight role models that lead them in an effort to strengthen the community. Based on these events, veterans are empowered to carry over their values to the next generation and community at large.

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