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Charlie Kirk: Not a Coincidence Hit Pieces Are Coming Out About Me

Salem Radio Network host and Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk was the subject of two stories last week about his relationship with the Trump campaign faltering. He says the “hit pieces” are coordinated for a reason.

Both NBC News and RealClearPolitics had stories about the Trump campaign being angry with Kirk over recent missteps, including the statement that he wouldn’t trust a plane being flown by black pilots. Anonymous sources told both outlets that the Trump campaign was working to distance itself from Kirk and his conservative advocacy group over concerns that the link between the two sides could damage the former President’s public perception.

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During an appearance on The Megyn Kelly Show, Kirk took credit for being one of the driving forces behind the removal of Republican National Committee chair Ronna McDaniel and believes that’s why the pieces are coming out now.

“We knew this was coming,” said Kirk. “Make no mistake, you don’t focus and eventually end up being successful in getting rid of an RNC chair without them running to NBC News to complain. So I’m unfazed by it. It’s all the typical, quite honestly, like left-wing attack vectors that are repurposed by this disgruntled, outgoing RNC regime.

“It should be illuminating for those in your audience that really want to see Joe Biden defeated in November that the RNC kind of henchmen and their media team were more focused on trying to plant stories against me and trying to lobby NBC News and RealClearPolitics,” Kirk continued. “So two pieces in three days like okay, can you make it more obvious, instead of trying to unite forces and combine forces to defeat Joe Biden in November? It is what it is. I’m unfazed by it.”

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