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Michael Smerconish on Media Future: ‘I Am Happy with Both Radio and Television’

Michael Smerconish is a busy man. Between his SiriusXM show and weekend program on CNN, he stays in front of news media consumers. But that schedule doesn’t have him contemplating any changes.

In a feature story with Philadelphia Magazine, the host was asked — after guest hosting for several primetime figures across MSNBC and CNN — if he would ever have his own primetime cable news show.

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“I am not currently looking to do anything different. I am happy with both radio and television,” Smerconish said. “And I have a pair of podcasts. Plus, I do a daily YouTube. And I have a daily newsletter. I also do paid public speaking all over the country.”

Michael Smerconish also discussed his move from terrestrial radio to SiriusXM in 2013. He shared that the situation with Westwood One — Dial Global at the time — was untenable.

“My goal with the local radio show was to get into syndication, which is what happened, and I was eventually on more than 100 stations across the country.

“But I did not have a good relationship with the syndicator, and there were some issues with some of the things that I said, particularly for the conservative radio stations we were on in the country. It wound up being a bad partnership,” he shared. “SiriusXM told me they would let me do my thing.”

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