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FOX Nation Show Hosted By Sean Hannity Out to Fast Start

Earlier this month, FOX Nation debuted the first in-depth project hosted by Sean Hannity for the streaming platform. That program has gotten off to a fast start.

Outlaws & Lawmen: The West has been the top-performing show on the service since its May 8th debut. The four-part series focuses on the true stories of Wild West outlaws and law enforcement officials.

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After the release of its first two episodes, the Hannity-led program is the best-performing show at FOX Nation since Liberty or Death: Boston Tea Party, which was hosted by Hollywood star Rob Lowe for the service, when comparing unique viewing devices.

The program features the myths, legends, and truth about Wild West outlaws like Butch Cassidy, Bass Reeves, and Billy The Kid, among others.

“As our viewers know, I am a strong supporter of our men and women in law enforcement and I look forward to spotlighting a period of time that is pivotal in their origin,” Hannity while announcing the debut of the series.

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