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New Jersey 101.5 Afternoon Co-Host Bill Doyle Departs

Longtime New Jersey 101.5 afternoon co-host Bill Doyle has departed the Townsquare Media-owned news/talk station.

Doyle had been partnered with Jeff Deminski in both New Jersey and Detroit for more than 30 years as a duo. They were first put together in the early 1990s at the station before moving to Detroit to work afternoons on 97.1 before that station flipped to sports in 2007.

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The two then returned to New Jersey 101.5 in 2011 and hosted afternoons in the 2-7 PM timeslot. Deminski is still listed on the station’s website, as is producer Kylie Moore. However, any mention of the previous Deminski & Doyle show has been removed from the station’s website. In 2017, Doyle missed time battling bladder cancer before returning after several weeks.

The last mention of Bill Doyle on the station came last Tuesday. Neither he nor Jeff Deminski have contributed to the station’s website in the past week. Hosts Lou Russo and Michele Pilenza from sister station 94.3 The Point have handled afternoons so far this week.


  1. What happened here? They were a great duo. What a shame. New management possibly??? He will be missed. Wish him the very best!

  2. Stopped listening to 101.5 because I couldn’t take conspiracy theorist Bill Spadias non stop commercial for his doomed political career. Plus they are the only ones willing to run My Pillow ads for knucklehead Mike Lindell. Bill Doyle probably still has some dignity and decided to jump from the sinking ship.

    • I stopped listening also because of the same issues. Spadia spends mornings spewing about how much he’s going to change NJ for the better, while promoting useless republicans and doing nothing. At least he stopped promoting restaurants to get free meals for him and his wife. All MAGAt / Fox News nonsense.

  3. So sorry for bill! Hope he’s ok. Jeff d. Is not half as talented and kind of obnoxious. I like Michelle much better.

  4. I always listened to D & D every afternoon. They always complimented each other. I would like to know what happened. I would listen to Bill Spadia in the morning. Changed to station as soon as Dennis and Judy came on. Dennis is great but Judy whines too much and she would make fun of people and she thought she was funny. You should let the dedicated listeners know what’s happening

  5. I don’t know why 101.5 won’t address it. They did the same to Steve Trev- no one knew what happened . Thank god Steve is back but poor Bill.

    This station has suck a loyal fan base and yet they don’t even have the dignity to let their listeners know what’s going in.

    And as for the rest of you haters on Bill Spadea and Judy -you make me laugh
    Judy is awesome – maybe you are just too stupid to get her humor.
    And typical for the Maga Haters – not a single original thought of their own.
    At least Bill can see what shitshow this state has become under Murphy and has the ambition to change all that is wrong for the people.

    You are all a disgrace to the American dream.

    • It’s really sad and kinda pathetic that people can’t discuss their differences like grown, mature adults and just resort to childish name calling. If people took a little time to talk to each other about the things they disagree about or don’t see eye to eye about, they’d see that we have more in common, for the most part.

  6. They all suck. Station should go back, to playing oldies. There politics suck, and don’t help anyone in NJ.

  7. D&D were great working together its a shame that 101.5s
    Management team and townsquare media don’t have a clue about great talent wish Bill Doyle lots of luck in his future endeavors d and dwill never be the same. I WOULD LOVE ❤️ TO HAVE A KYLIEMOORE JEFF DEMINSKI SHOW

  8. Love all the shows appreciate their diversity and honesty, I don’t agree with all opinions but I’m an adult and can handle that 😉

  9. I see a lot of republican haters on here, I can only guess where you came from!! Too bad Doyle is gone, I enjoyed the D&D show. I will no longer be listening because of the topics and not fond of the current people taking over. Back to my rock station – goodbye 101.5!

  10. I KNEW IT!!!! Whomever the hostess was/is kept saying we’re filling in and when she NEVER said whom they’re filling in for, I knew somebody was “ leaving” That’s REALLY FD UP!!! DND were GREAT TOGETHER. They balanced each other out. I’ve been listening to them for YEARS!!!!!!!! Very heartbreaking to not hear Bills voice. The second I get in my car after work, straight to DnD. I hope Kylie doesnt fill in, I can’t stand her voice. She sounds like Kermit the frog getting choked!!!! No more 101.5 for me. Wishing you well Bill😢

  11. Why isn’t anyone giving Jeff Deminski the credit he deserves. He is actually a neighbor of mine and really helped me and my family out big time a year ago. A great person all the way around

  12. Go trump and all the republicans, 101.5 has been fun for me to listin and to hear all the libs cry lol

  13. Why change something that worked! They were good together but like everything else higher ups felt it was time to go in a different direction The listeners liked the way it was. Bill is a asset big mistake letting him go

  14. We need bill back NOW. the D&D show was the best. I love the Friday game. 101.5 just messed up by getting rid of bill. i will go to another station.

  15. That’s really a shame. Their banter and humor as close friends worked so well together. Kylie is decent but a completely different kind of energy. Will feel more like dad/daughter vibe than contemporaries /friends. I like her but she has a very giggly/frenetic energy and I liked Bills calmer chill personality against Jeff’s higher energy. Really really sad. Fingers crossed new format works. Bill will be sorely missed.

  16. I liked Bill,he was down to earth and subdued, Jeff is too brash. I do like Kylie, but she was a good foil for Bill, not so much for Jeff. I hate to go back to the boring music stations in Phila during the afternoon, but it is looking that way now.

  17. Sorry Bill’s gone. That was a strange change of format – Kylie is like my 10 year old grandkids – doesn’t like this, doesn’t like that – afraid of everything and leaves me getting annoyed with her attitude. I want fun and laughter. Oh well, you have lost me as a listener.

  18. Cannot appreciate Kylie’s “charm”. Don’t listen to her when she’s on the weekends either. Tone and Caliber of her voice is grating to me. D&D were a team. They complemented each other’s styles well. Not impressed with the change and will just switch to WOBM or Sirius now without regret. Life is all about changes. Best to Bill Doyle in his future endeavors. I think he got the better part of the deal.

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