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Brian Stelter: News CEOs Worried About Future Under Potential Trump Second Term

As the 2024 presidential election nears, words spoken by each side of the political aisle become hyper-scrutinized. Former CNN host Brian Stelter believes themes from the Trump campaign have leaders of news organizations concerned for the future.

While appearing with Abby Phillip on his former cable news home Tuesday, Stelter stated that he had spoken with news leaders and shared that some have privately expressed concern about what a second Trump term could mean for the business.

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“I’ve talked to the heads of news organizations, CEOs, and media companies that are thinking this through, not in dramatic fashion, not because they’re afraid of going to jail, but because they want to know what could Trump do to use his power in the second term to punish the media,” Stelter said.

The comments from Brian Stelter come after MSNBC host Rachel Maddow shared that she was “worried” about not only her future but the future of the nation, should Trump be elected.

“I’m worried about the country broadly if we put someone in power who is openly avowing that he plans to build camps to hold millions of people, and to ‘root out’ what he’s described in subhuman terms as his ‘enemy from within.’ Again, history is helpful here,” the MSNBC host said. “He’s not joking when he says this stuff, and we’ve seen what happens when people take power proclaiming that kind of agenda.”

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