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Adam Schefter: ‘I Think My Life is Boring’

Adam Schefter has been covering the National Football League since 1990 and established himself into a respected journalist in the business. As the senior NFL insider at ESPN, he appears across the network’s programming and divulges the latest news and developments around the league. Schefter recently appeared on Meadowlark Media’s God Bless Football podcast to talk about what is taking place as minicamps occur around the NFL. Aside from this though, he also spoke about how his mother was a guest on the same podcast one week prior.

Billy Gil, a producer and on-air personality for Meadowlark Media, ran into Schefter’s mother on an elevator during a cruise. Gil explained after the fact that he had met someone who changed the world for bringing Schefter into it to break football news. Jon “Stugotz” Weiner, the co-host of the program, conveyed that the NFL news breaking would not have happened without him being in the business. Schefter revealed that he did listen to the podcast and replied to the assertion that the show had made.

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“Again, my mom is such a force – she’s so dynamic that I believe that she’s changed the world in her own way,” he said. “I never even associated it with me when he asked that question – I never even thought of it that way.”

Schefter revealed that he gets stopped at the Super Bowl or at football events where people ask him about his mother, evincing the impact that she has made on the world. Weiner replied by stating that they viewed in their own way, which, in reality, differed from the perspective that he took. After having his mother on the show though, Gil wanted to know why Schefter was boring, which led to laughter among the panel.

“You know what?,” Schefter said. “Billy, that may be the smartest, truest thing you’ve ever said on this show.”

Weiner acknowledged that it was a good question from Gil, and Schefter continued by stating that his mother mocks him for being boring all the time. Additionally, he claimed to have “less than zero life” and later doubled down on the fact that his mother thinks he is boring. Weiner believes that his mother set a high bar to match her energy level and not being mundane that it is impossible to duly live up to overall.

“No, I am, in my own way, I have a boring life,” Schefter said. “I don’t think I am boring, but I think my life is boring.”

Gil contested Schefter’s answer by delineating his presumption that every time Schefter enters a room, people want to talk to him. This led Schefter to tell a story about being on Capitol Hill this past week to meet with members of Congress about promoting awareness for people to be screened for Type 1 Diabetes. He was joined by Robin Arzón of Peloton and Grammy award-winning recording artist Usher on his visit. Reflecting back on the experience, he found it exhilarating to be meeting with people about this and discussing a variety of topics, including football.

When Schefter met with Rep. John Joyce, he was surprised to hear that Joyce had read his book, let alone knowing that he had written one in the first place. Joyce also stated that his son, who is autistic, watches Schefter on television, leading him to ask Joyce if he could call his son on the phone. Once his son was on the line, he recognized Schefter’s voice after he simply said his name without any warning that he would be calling.

“You’re a good man Adam Schefter, you really are,” Weiner said.

“Dan and I spoke for 10 minutes,” Schefter said. “I gave him fantasy tips – I set his fantasy lineup. I gave him my sleeper pick that I will not share anywhere. Dan knows it. I’m like, ‘Dan, here’s your last pick in your last round.’ I always have one of these guys…. Again, to get back to the initial thing, I have a very boring life, but yes Billy, I will confirm there are people that do enjoy talking to you sometimes, and that’s nice.”

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