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Sandra Golden: Pat McAfee ‘Can’t Work Eight Days a Week’

Earlier this week, The Athletic’s Andrew Marchand reported Pat McAfee has yet to ink a new contract to return to College GameDay on ESPN. Marchand reports the two sides are continuing to talk but no agreement has been reached as of yet. During The Steakhouse today on 92.9 The Game in Atlanta, Sandra Golden and former NFL punter Drew Butler, who was hosting in place of Steak Shapiro, gave their thoughts on whether or not it would make a difference to them if McAfee was back on the show.

“I am watching either way,” Golden said. “I’m kind of in Switzerland. I just wonder if Pat McAfee is having that ‘know thy self’ moment. It may not be a good fit for him and y’all he can’t work eight days a week. [He has] other things that he is doing that he has more control over. First of all, he’s asking for a ton of money, I can guarantee you that. And he should get it. But if it’s not [a fit], and it may not be…especially with Nick Saban now sitting up there.”

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Butler explained to the listeners how McAfee’s agreements with ESPN work. “Keep in mind, McAfee has a separate deal with ESPN that allows the network to air The Pat McAfee show, Monday through Friday. He licenses that to ESPN. This is an employment agreement I would assume or some sort of contractor agreement…and I think one of the big things that he is probably weighing right now is that The Pat McAfee Show on Fridays during college football season would often be live at the College GameDay desk at that campus.”

Butler added, “I’m really excited for Coach Saban to be at that desk though, he is going to bring something special.”

After discussing McAfee, the two brought up another of College GameDay’s participants, Lee Corso. “What about Lee Corso?” Butler asked Golden. “What are we doing with Coach Corso?”

Golden replied, “I think [he is there] as long as ESPN wants him up there. I would like for them to set him up to succeed more. I think he can do great taped segments. I think that he doesn’t need to be traveling to all these places…maybe they work him in a little bit different and make it better for him.”

Corso, who played at Florida State in the 1950’s and was the head coach at Louisville, Indiana and Northern Illinois, will turn 89 in August.

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